Wastewater Assessments

With over 30 years local experience, we can provide you with an independant Waste Water Design Service to give you the most appropriate and cost effective Wastewater system.


We will design a system to suit your needs and comply with local Council requirements. Soiltest.biz is QBCC licenced to carry out Site Classifications and Onsite Wastewater Disposal Investigations in accordance with the relavent Australian Standards and local Government requirements. 

  • Onsite visits
  • After hours service is available
  • Free quotes

Our designs can save clients thousands of dollars.

We design all levels of wastewater treatment systems including:

  • Primary Treatment (including septic systems)
  • Secondary Treatment
  • Advanced Secondary Treatment

Soiltest.biz has over 30 years experience in the local region with our team having an extensive knowlege of local conditions.